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A fruity floral fragrance, like a tender breath on the skin.

The delicate companion for romantic and sensitive women. With Tendre Reverence, Marina is inspired by the magic of fairy tales. The ones that tell of walks through flower gardens and the amorous exchanges of the princesses of yesteryear, in the bend of a curtsy. 




"The flower gardens of fairy-tale princesses have always been very appealing to me. Gardens with wide, magnificent paths or, on the contrary, those with small paths, hidden behind the hedges. How many love meetings have I had behind the bushes? Tender words exchanged in the bend of a disguised curtsy? I wanted to tell the story of these amorous encounters, full of charm and romance. Tendre Reverence is an invitation to a romantic stroll of great delicacy."



The Tendre Reverence woman, or the romantic princess of today. A bit of a flowery girl, her sensitivity and delicacy are seductive. She blushes when she is kissed, she offers herself a bouquet of flowers, because a house without flowers is a sad house, she likes happy endings. Her strength? With confidence, she lets herself go to daydreams, to softness, to sentiment. She says: "You can be a woman without hiding your emotions, your sensitivity. To assert them is a strength, to be oneself, without artifice or pretense. That is true freedom.


Top Notes

A subtle flight like a tender breath on the skin. 
Velvety peach is cuddled by a deliciously fruity blackcurrant. The finely acidic bergamot brings a sparkling and fresh touch to the whole. 


Heart Notes

A flowery and romantic heart, which gives the fragrance its enveloping sweetness. 
Pretty notes of fresh and luminous peony caressed by a magnolia with solar accents. A touch of violet, slightly sweet, for a delicately powdery finish. 


Base Notes

A deep and tender trail that we would like to never end. 
Pure musk accords that prolong the sweetness of peony. Vanilla warms the floral heart, revealing all its tenderness. Sandalwood deliciously envelops the vanilla facets.