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A fresh and luminous floral fragrance, like a glittering veil on the skin. The perfect tribute to a glamorous and royal woman. With Cristal Royal, Marina revisits the codes of beautiful crystal. She is inspired by the know-how of master glassmakers and imagines a jewel-like bottle whose thousand and one facets create an infinite play of light. 


"The crystal balls of the chandeliers in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles have always fascinated me. They seem to have concentrated in them all the gold, all the sun, all the light of the place. Real jewels in pure crystal, chiselled by the best glass craftsmen. 
Cristal Royal is a tribute to beautiful crystal. Of course, it is a tribute to the perfume but also to the bottle. A bottle cut with infinite delicacy, where the light shines on the golden facets in a continuous dance."


The Cristal Royal woman is glamorous, feminine, royal. She asserts herself with refinement and assurance. Sophisticated, she has a taste for pleasure and luxury and masters her appearance with great elegance. Everywhere and in everything, the search for beauty guides her. Her principle: surround yourself with beautiful things in every little detail of life. Her perfume is the touch of radiance she likes to adorn herself with.

Pshiiit... and there she is, dressed in a glittering veil, ready to shine. 


Top notes
The imperceptibly incisive fruity accords are released with strength and confidence. 
Blackcurrant blends the softly acidic and refreshing side of bergamot with juicy, sun-drenched pear. A radiant bouquet that gives the fragrance a luminous breath of freshness from the very first notes. 

Heart notes 
The delicate yet assertive floral flight brings a warm power. 
The violet extends the savoury side of the sweet pear, refreshed by a subtly green lily of the valley. Warm, powerful jasmine coats the whole to create a seductive, deliciously vibrant heart. 

Base notes
The extreme femininity of Cristal Royal is revealed on a deep and bewitching base. 
A faceted trail thanks to a skilful balancing act between a round, almost velvety sandalwood intermingled with warm, reassuring woods and a luscious, radiant musk that makes the composition shine.

The instant signature of a glamorous and confident femininity.