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A spicy floral fragrance that intrigues and seduces from the very first notes. The perfect adornment for a modern-day baroque princess, who unabashedly affirms her taste for the sublime, the majestic. Marina is inspired by the French art of seduction. She imagines the gesture of the curtsy of yesteryear, as a disguised and mischievous way to seduce discreetly. 


"I have always loved the curtsy games of the time. A fixed gesture, conventional in appearance, but which women amused themselves in a thousand and one discreet ways, to make it singular. It could be the promise of a gallant exchange, a mocking wink, a disguised provocation... Tilting the head more to the right, or more to the left, did not mean the same thing. All this game of said and unsaid evokes for me a certain French seduction. Reverence plays with this seductive ambiguity. It is aimed at women who appear to be wise and discreet, but whose laughing eyes and mischievous pout say the exact opposite."


The Reverence woman is the baroque princess par excellence. In contrast to the refined form, she likes her clothes and ornaments to be rich and sublime. She unabashedly asserts her taste for the majestic, the showy. She is the princess in all her magnificent side. With her unique style, she likes to play with opposites to create surprise and the unexpected. Her overflowing imagination and seductive enthusiasm mean that one is never bored with her. 


Top notes
A surprisingly bold and seductive hook. 
Fresh and sparkling bergamot, enhanced by rose berries that are both slightly pungent and delicately spicy. 
Heart notes
An exuberant and joyful heart, which unabashedly asserts its floral-fruity side. 
A cocktail of luscious red fruits caressed by notes of juicy plums. This fruity explosion is magnified by notes of heady rose, which gives the fragrance its originality. 
Base notes
A royal trail, for a baroque princess. 
The woody sandalwood spreads its warmth to the musk and highlights the bewitching facets of the fruity heart.