Complimentary samples

Do you offer samples?

Yes, you can choose 2 complimentary samples to discover our fragrances.

* If you would like to receive samples, please click here and indicate information below:
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*Offer valid for only one reference per person, within the limits of the available stocks, residing in France and Overseas Departments and Territories, within 2 samples per request.


Why did I receive different samples to the ones I requested?

We try our best to send you the samples you ask for but from time to time we might run out. When this happens, our Marina de Bourbon Consultants choose an alternative that they think you might like based on your order.


The sample that I want is out of stock. When will it be available?

The Marina de Bourbon fragrances are made in France and the manufacturing process can sometimes take longer than bigger brands. Unfortunately we can’t normally predict when we will receive more of the product, but if you’d like to email us with the contact form, we’ll notify you as soon as it comes back in stock.

Subject to availability, the Buyer may receive at most three samples when he/she places an Order. MARINA DE BOURBON is entitled to replace unavalailable samples by another ones without prior notice to the Buyer.

If the number of sample exceeds the authorised quantity due to any dysfunction of the Website, MARINA DE BOURBON reserves the right not to send them.

Reminder! Enjoy three complimentary samples of your choice with every order.


on any purchase


upon request




to enjoy your shopping safely