ROYAL MARINA DIAMOND 100ml Gift Set - A pouch and the perfumed body lotion offered

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Explore our ROYAL MARINA DIAMOND creation inspired by the most beautiful ornaments of the Palace of Versailles.
In this box, you will find : 
- Royal Marina Diamond eau de parfum 100ML
- A ROYAL MARINA DIAMOND perfumed body lotion 100ML
- A Paris limited edition pouch

An oriental and precious perfume, which like a set makes the wearer shine. The perfect accessory for a seductive and confident woman. For this fragrance, Marina was inspired by the jewel of kings: the diamond. In a nod to this heritage, diamond-cut gemstones are beautifully encrusted on this jewel-like bottle.
"Imagine the simplest of outfits, enhanced by a diamond necklace: the stone of kings. Didn't Louis XV offer the Marquise de Pompadour a marquise diamond, whose special cut was inspired by the curve of her lips? What elegance, what sensuality! The court sees only her. It only admires her. Royal Marina Diamond is this magnificent ornament. It preciously envelops the wearer in a unique, royal glitter."


The Diamond woman is bewitching. Everything about her is seductive. Her way of being, her looks, her laugh... Her secret? To please herself before pleasing others. She carefully chooses her outfits and accessories. Her addiction to beauty, her self-confidence, this way of being herself and at ease with what she is, arouse admiration. Her perfume is her secret weapon. She likes to keep it lingering in the air when she herself is already far away. Like the perfect signature of a seductive woman of character.

Top notes
A round, inviting invitation to unconditional pleasure.
Sweet grapefruit notes intermingle with delicious blackcurrant.
Heart notes
A heart of flavours bordering on addiction. 
The fruity sweetness of the first moments is warmed by a floral bouquet of bewitching power. A faceted jasmine, which sensually unfolds into powdery iris accords. The warm and tasty tonka bean caresses this sensuality.
Base notes
An oriental trail, which irresistibly draws in all those who follow it.
Delicate musk, warmed by gourmand vanilla, reveals the woody and aromatic flavour of copahu balm.